Bonaire Island
One of the ABC Islands

Bonaire Island is part of the Dutch Antilles. It is located off the northern coast of Venezuela in the southern Caribbean Sea.

It is near Aruba and Curacao and together called the ABC Islands. They form the Netherlands Antilles, together with Curacao and the other three, Sint Maarten, Sint Eustatius and Saba Island which are located on the northeast of the Caribbean.

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Kralendijk the picturesque Capital of Bonaire

Kralendijk the picturesque Capital of Bonaire

This island attracts tourists from Europe, North and South America and many of them are repeat visitors. That says a lot about a place.

You’ll be surprised on how much this island offers: Great climate, warm and friendly people, lots of surrounding corals for scuba diving and many beautiful beaches among others.

Getting there

There are flights from Aruba and Curacao as well as certain flights from neighboring Venezuela. The latest I checked there were no ferry services between the islands on a schedule basis.

Getting around

The island is small but no so small. I mean you will need a form of transportation to move around. Bikes, motorcycles and car rentals are available at the airport and in the downtown area.

Bonaire is a paradise for Scuba Diving enthusiasts

Bonaire is a paradise for Scuba Diving enthusiasts

What to do in Bonaire Island

Scuba Diving Caribbean and Caribbean Snorkeling

In my opinion and the opinion of many, Scuba diving and snorkeling are the most important activities on the island. The coral reefs surrounding it are spectacular and divers from all over the world come to enjoy their sport in such amazing marine life.

Because of the lack of rain, the waters surrounding Bonaire are clear and calm, making scuba diving and snorkeling doable year-round.

Water temperatures average 25-29 C or 78-84 F. Visibility could reach 100 feet or 30 meters. The authorities are very zealous of their coasts and have been protecting them legally since 1979. Please adhere to their rules.

Bonaire Island

Perfect Trade Winds made Bonaire a heaven windsurfing

Perfect Trade Winds made Bonaire a heaven windsurfing


The island is in the perfect path of the trade winds. Those winds create the ideal conditions for this sport all around it. In Lac bay for example has several areas where the wind activity differs from one another, so beginners as well as veteran surfers can enjoy.

There are two seasons for windsurfing in Bonaire: The high-wind season stretches from middle of December to August, while the light-wind season from September until mid-December.

If you come in October of each year you may enjoy Regatta Week with competitions on sailing.

If you love wildlife and bird watching discover Bonaire Island

If you love wildlife and bird watching discover Bonaire Island

Wildlife watching

The warm climate and the semi-desert landscape is home to iguanas mostly seen on the rock formations. You may see waves of flamingos drifting around the salt flats.

Impressive cacti symbolizing the arid terrain abound and last but not least the Divi trees bend through generations by the trade winds.

Klein Bonaire on the west coast of Bonaire

Klein Bonaire on the west coast of Bonaire

Off the west coast of the big island lies this small uninhabited isle called Klein Bonaire meaning “Little Bonaire”.

It is only 6 Square Km in area and totally flat. It is less than one Km away from Bonaire and can be reached by boat and even kayaking. Beware, this last one is difficult.

For more information visit Bonaire Tourism Website

images courtesy of wikimedia commons

Map of the Caribbean showing the location of Bonaire

Map of the Caribbean showing the location of Bonaire

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