Capital of Barbados
Picturesque Bridgetown

The Capital of Barbados, the picturesque Bridgetown, is its largest city with more than 100,000 inhabitants in Barbados Island.

Before 1628 the town was name James Town, then moved to the present location under the actual name. It is located on the southern tip of Barbados, the Gem of the Caribbean Sea.

Aerial view of Bridgetown Barbados

Aerial view of Bridgetown Barbados

I remember when we first visited Barbados I said to my wife that Bridgetown resembles a small London with people of African descent. It was many years ago, when London could be taken as an example of cleanliness and politeness.

The island was inhabited by the Arawak Indians, that lived in many of the Caribbean Islands. But when the English first arrived to Barbados Beaches found an almost uninhabited place.

Bridgetown is an important port for Caribbean Cruises

Bridgetown is an important port for Caribbean Cruises

Today Bridgetown is a busy city with much business and great shopping. It features many designer shops, and a few retail malls. It is also known for very fine and reputable jewelers.

Most are very honest but you must be aware that there is always a rotten apple that may try to fool you.The diamonds are also well priced. That may cause some problem when Madame wants all of a sudden a new diamond rings with matching earrings.

As mentioned the Bajans as Barbadians are called are very polite and you can spend the day looking around without pressure to buy.For local craftsmanship and souvenirs you have to visit Cheap-side Market and the stores surrounding it.

Bridgetown Barbados is also known for its Caribbean nightlife. There are plenty Restaurants and Nightclubs some of them open until very late and offer a mix of International and Caribbean music.

The city is located on the south coast and is a very popular destination for visitors from other Caribbean Islands.It has many attractions for the visitor such as the Parliament, the Lord Nelson Statue, the Barbados Museum and some churches built in the 19th century.

Bridgetown is a very safe place to visit. The crime rate is very low. But as always you have to be on the lookout, just in case.

Capital of Barbados

s Barbados Parliament in Bridgetown

Barbados Parliament in Bridgetown

Important advice

Do not wear any type of combat clothing since in Barbados this is considered a mockery or impersonation of their local authorities. Remember that you are in their country and they make the rules.

Please note that even if you are not staying anywhere near the bottom of the island of Barbados you do not want to miss out on visiting Bridgetown, make sure you allow a day to explore the city.

For more information visit Barbados Tourism Website

Enjoy the amazing beaches of Barbados

Enjoy the amazing beaches of Barbados

Bridgetown Barbados is not everything on Barbados Island. There are magnificent Barbados Beaches and Barbados Resorts, but a visit to this charming city is a must.

On your next visit make sure you allocate at least a day to explore it.

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