Guatemala Tourism
A Heaven for Nature Lovers

Guatemala Tourism is on the rise in recent years. The country is located in Central America south of the border with Mexico. Its Mayan origin can be found everywhere in its people and in its tourist attractions.

The country is a heaven for lovers of nature and ecotourism. It features thousands of plant species, many rivers and lakes and a mix of fauna unique to this lovely country.

Guatemala City is the Capital of Guatemala and largest city

Guatemala City is the Capital of Guatemala and largest city

This is the Capital of Guatemala with 3 million inhabitants is a city of contrasts. You may see parts of the city that are very nice like Zona Viva with bars, excellent restaurants and dancing.

Certain parts are kept with intact Spanish Architecture build by the Spanish colonizers, but certain poor neighborhoods are so bad that tourists shouldn’t go near them. Attractions in this capital are the National Palace and the Museum of Anthropology.

The Colonial City of Antigua in Guatemala a

The Colonial City of Antigua in Guatemala a "must" visit

This is perhaps the most famous and visited city in Guatemala, It has gone through many earthquakes and natural calamities during the years. These natural events only ended up adding to the quaintness and beauty of Antigua. 

You should see the amazing ruins, old churches, cobble stoned streets, horse drawn carriages, and a whole list of beautiful architectural structures.

The Mayan Ruins of Tikal are the world's largest

The Mayan Ruins of Tikal are the world's largest

These are the largest Mayan Ruins in the world, surrounded by rainforest. To get to Tikal you have to take a short flight but it is worth the effort for a relaxing and gorgeous visit.

The ruins of Copan are just across the border in neighboring Honduras.

Guatemala Tourism

Lake Atitlan is Guatemala's largest sweet water lake

Lake Atitlan is Guatemala's largest sweet water lake

This is Guatemala’s largest lake. It is about two and a half hours drive from Guatemala City or Antigua.

The weather on the lake is ideal at an altitude of 1,560 meters or 5,100 feet above sea level. Its rainy season is May to October, but the sun shines almost every day. It is surrounded by small towns.

Colorful Native Market in Chichicastenango Guatemala

Colorful Native Market in Chichicastenango Guatemala

Chichicastenango is a small stucco white town at an altitude of 2,000 meters, located about two to three hours’ drive from Guatemala City. It is known for its colorful native market considered one of the most beautiful in Central America. It draws vendors from all over Guatemala with amazing Mayan handicrafts.


Monterrico Beach

It is located on Guatemala’s Pacific coast. It is known for its volcanic black sand beaches and the annual visit of turtles. The atmosphere on the beach is laid back and relaxed. It is becoming a popular attraction for tourists.


It is the evil saint in the town of Santiago on Lake Atitlan. He is a drinking, smoking saint. Pay homage to him by bringing him some booze and some Cuban Cigars.

Town of Santiago

This Mayan Town has its story. It is about Maximon the evil saint that is veneered by locals who bring food, drinks and cigars to its altar. Here you will find oil paintings by local artist for sale.

Coban Guatemala a treat for nature lovers and the rest of us

Coban Guatemala a treat for nature lovers and the rest of us

Coban, a town on the Caribbean coast of Guatemala is a perfect start for tours to admire the most beautiful expression of nature on its rivers, forest and caves. Here you’ll meet Guatemalans of the Garifuna culture, completely unlike anyone you'll meet in the rest of the country.

Water sports in a country surrounded by water in and out. You can go kayaking on the flowing waters of the rivers El Chiquibil or Las Pasion. Scuba diving or snorkeling on Guatemala’s coasts is a must.

Boat rides - The best way to experience all of Guatemala's lagoons, mangroves and the beauty of its waters is to take a boat ride down Rio Dulce. Here, you might be lucky enough to see the manatees as this is their home. People say these manatees look like mermaids from afar.

Easter Week or Semana Santa Procession in Guatemala

Easter Week or Semana Santa Procession in Guatemala

Religion is very important in this country and it shown on the devotion of the people on the Holy Week. There will be a procession of religious icons, and people dressed in purple frocks walk the streets as a testament of their faith

Museums – Guatemala prides itself of having some of the world’s oldest and greatest archaeological findings in the region.

Guatemala Tourism is an important sector of this country’s economy. In general, all of Central America is a lovely place to visit.


Flag of Guatemala

Flag of Guatemala Description

Often referred to as "Pabellón Nacional" or "Azuliblanco" features two colors: sky blue and white. The two sky blue stripes represent the fact that Guatemala is a land located between two oceans, the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean or Caribbean Sea; and the sky over the country. The white signifies peace and purity. The blue and white colors, like those of several other countries in the region, are based on the flag of the former Federal Republic of Central America.

Map of Guatemala and its neighbors

Map of Guatemala and its neighbors

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