St Kitts Nevis
Two Islands - One Great Destination

St Kitts Nevis, a small two island nation, lies on the Northeastern tip of the Caribbean Sea but it seems the islands were plucked from the South Pacific and nested in the Caribbean.

This small nation's British heritage is well preserved by local laws that regulate building and development making its towns the most captivating of the old charming Caribbean towns.

Satellite view of the Islands of St Kitts and Nevis

Satellite view of the Islands of St Kitts and Nevis

Important Fact on St Kitts and Nevis

  • Official name - St Kitts and Nevis
  • Population - 69,619
  • Area in Sq Km - 261
  • Capital City - Basseterre
  • Languages - English
  • Political Status - Independent Member of British Commonwealth
  • Currency - Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD)

Pinneys Beach is the # 1 on the islands

Pinney's Beach is the # 1 on the islands

The Beaches

In the islands the beaches are of flagrant sand quality, even though not all of them are white. There are some beaches of grey-black sands of volcanic origin. But one thing they have in common: the waters surrounding both islands are calm turquoise blue and transparent clear.

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Vervet Green Monkey a native of St Kitts and Nevis

Vervet Green Monkey a native of St Kitts and Nevis

Verdant Vegetation

The vegetation, the constant sunlight, the exotic beaches and the fresh air let you forget the daily stress on the first day you arrive on the islands.

If you are lucky you'll find here the Vervet Green Monkey

• St Kitts, the biggest and most populous one, has at its center a dormant volcano covered by green heavy vegetation. Called Mount Liamuiga it rises to the clouds standing guard as if watching the island. Its slopes are covered by exotic wild flowers and, if you are lucky, you’ll find a rare vervet green monkey.

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St Kitts Nevis has gorgeous beaches

St Kitts Nevis has gorgeous beaches

Getting to St Kitts Nevis

By air

The only way to arrive in St Kitts by air is via any of the Caribbean Islands, mainly Puerto Rico or from certain cities in North America that have direct flights to Robert Llewelyn Bradshaw Airport, which has a runway long enough to accommodate bigger jets.

The airport is just two miles away from the capital and has been recently renovated. Even though it has no schedule service from Europe, some charters arrive from countries like United Kingdom and Germany.

But if you are going to arrive from Canada, the United States or Europe, the best idea would be to fly to neighboring San Juan, Puerto Rico and hope on a flight here.

Or you may fly to St Maarten or Antigua Island for the same purpose.

There is a small airport in Nevis called Newcastle Airport for small planes arriving from St Kitts and Antigua.

Adventure of the Seas by Royal Caribbean in St Kitts

Adventure of the Seas by Royal Caribbean in St Kitts

By Sea

A few cruise lines have St Kitts in their itineraries.

They dock in Basseterre and passengers enjoy the day visiting the island. They dock in Basseterre’s port which accommodates big ships and Luxury Yachts on their Sailing Vacations.

In Charlestown, Nevis there are facilities for the arrival of private Yachts, but no for larger ships.

St Kitts and Nevis Flag

St Kitts and Nevis Flag Description

Divided diagonally from the lower hoist side by a broad black band bearing two white, five-pointed stars; the black band is edged in yellow; the upper triangle is green, the lower triangle is red

Getting around

By Bus

The service is unreliable and unscheduled. In other words I do not recommend it, because for all kind of reasons we should adapt to the situation in each island.

Car Rental

As I always say, the best way to explore the islands at your own pace is by renting a car from a major car rental company of for a less expensive price from one of the locals. Just remember that in all countries with the British legacy, you have to drive on the left. Be careful.

Caribbean Map showing the location of St Kitts

Caribbean Map showing the location of St Kitts

Weather in St Kitts Nevis

The climate is tropical, so its very warm all year round with the benefit of the eternal breezes coming from the Atlantic, that make those temperatures of 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit more bearable. During the months of June to November is the Hurricane Season, so please get informed way in advance.

It rains on the island, but it’s a tropical rain that stops in 15 minutes, keep going to the beach if those were your plans. The Tourist High Season when the climate is milder is from December 15 to April 14.

Basseterre the capital of St Kitts Nevis

Basseterre the capital of St Kitts Nevis

The capital of St Kitts is Basseterre

• Basseterre, its capital, called “Sugar City” is a beautiful town colored by red tiled roofs, offering an array of historic points of interest and some of the finest plantations in the Caribbean.

Nevis capital is Charlestown

• Nevis, the sombrero-shaped sister island, called justly the “Queen of the Caribbees” has its capital in Charlestown. This island is peaceful and tranquil. Here you go back to a time when everything was simple and peaceful and the word stress was not in our vocabulary.

Map of St Kitts and Nevis

Map of St Kitts and Nevis

St Kitts and Nevis are located at the Northeastern corner of the Caribbean Sea, east of Puerto Rico and the Virgin islands.

Their motto is: You are a stranger here only once.”

What can I tell you about the people? They are noble and considerate always ready to take care of all of a tourist’s needs and making sure they remember the islands for their next Caribbean Vacations. Their motto is: “You are a stranger here only once.”

For more information visit St Kitts Nevis Tourism Website

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